Half of malicious emails tied to credential phishing

New research from the cybersecurity firm Cofense has revealed that 10 per cent of user-reported emails across key industries are malicious with over half of them tied to credential phishing.

According to recent industry reports, email is responsible for delivering a staggering 92 per cent of malware and by the end of 2017 the average email user received 16 malicious emails per month.

In total, the firm analysed more than 135m phishing simulations, 800,000 reported emails and almost 50,000 real phishing campaigns targeting organisations in 23 industries ranging from healthcare, financial services to manufacturing.

The results of our research detailed in the ‘State of Phishing Defense’ shows that resiliency is building across key industries thanks to those same people that were once deemed as the weakest-links in an organisation.

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