Russian Media Spreading Absurd Conspiracy Theory Regarding ISS Damage

The discovery of a small, 2mm drill hole in the Soyuz capsule attached to the International Space Station in late August sent a shock wave through both NASA and Roscosmos.

While it never posed a risk to the astronauts and cosmonauts about the ISS, Russia promised a prompt investigation and that it would find the individuals responsible.

But a conspiracy theory has begun to spread in Russian media that these events were the result of a secret NASA plot to send a sick crew member home early.

Two individuals could theoretically have made the hole, with one on hand to brace the driller, but at that point you’re arguing that two astronauts, both of whom have undergone extensive psychological testing and training, would put themselves and their crewmates at risk in a bid to return a third astronaut to Earth because of an undiagnosed, undisclosed, and publicly unknown medical problem severe enough to make it worth jeopardizing the entire future of the ISS.

The same anonymous sources that supposedly confirmed this information also noted that the Americans have only limited access to the Soyuz and that no access is permitted without the permission of the Russian commander — which would raise its own questions about how two astronauts in a space station with a minuscule amount of living space managed to drill through the wall of a spacecraft without anyone being the wiser.

Because outlets like Russia Today (RT) function as propaganda outlets for the Russian government, conspiracy theories in Russia are often spread directly by those in power and disseminated through official channels as opposed to emerging from the grassroots.

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