Sunday May 6: Solar Storm to cause Mobile, TV, Tech Blackout on Earth?

US space agency NASA has informed that a solar storm brewing on the Sun that is likely flare up and reach earth on Sunday, May 6.

A coronal hole or sun spot has opened up releasing huge swarm of cosmic rays and it takes about 8 minutes for solar storm to reach earth.

Astronomers say three such solar storms are likely to reach earth on May 6 and the Indian Ocean is likely to face the radiation effect and India is within the reach of the target.

A partial tech blackout is likely resulting in disruption to Internet-based communicationsSolar winds or a stream of particles from the sun can reach earth and cause heightened radiation resulting in health problems to the life on earth besides disrupting mobile phone signal due to high currents in the magnetosphereSince the severity has been classified as low by NOAA, it may cause voltage fluctuations in electricity supply or even cause power failures.

The US Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC) has issued a storm alert on Sunday and Monday as the solar storm can cause a “high stream of activity” that is characteristic to any G1-class storm.

Researchers have long announced that a storm is likely to come and the most intense solar maximum in fifty years may reach Earth any time.

Earlier, such intense solar storms had been observed in 1805 and 1958 but with no mobiles and magnetic power lines, the disruption was not detectable as clearly as it would today when auroras and cell technology reveals the impact.

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